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Beyerdynamic USB Bluetooth Adapter

Base price620.00

USB Bluetooth Adapter 

Beyerdynamics USB Wireless Adaptern ger snabb och stabil Bluetooth®-anslutning mellan din Beyerdynamic Space, hörlurar och din bärbara eller stationära dator. USB-dongeln möjliggör full funktionalitet och kompatibilitet för telefonsamtal och möten via Microsoft Teams® eller spela musik.

Beyerdynamics USB Wireless Adapter är kompatibel med dessa Beyer-produkter:

-Lagoon ANC
-Blue BYRD 2
-Aventho Wireless
-Amiron Wireless
-Xelento Wireless




The Bluetooth® modules integrated in PCs and notebooks are all-round devices that do not meet all the functions that are required for operating a hands-free system or a headset in conjunction with a Unified Communications software solution . Therefore, the use of a USB WL adapter is recommended.

The USB WL adapter offers:

- High quality audio playback (A2DP)
- Synchronised volume level with the operating system

(MacOS / Windows)

- Detection of the use of the microphone and switching to HFP
- The buttons of the Speakerphone work completely synchronised

The following Bluetooth® profiles are supported:

- HFP (wideband voice / HD audio (16kHz), AT commands from the hands-free channel are understood and converted into commands for the USB HID device .)
- A2DP (high quality audio playback; AVRCP for volume synchronisation; profile commands are converted into commands for the USB HID device .)
- Compatible with beyerdynamic SPACE and various wireless headphones
- Intuitive operation: plug in, pair and go
- Full compatibility for the use of Microsoft Teams® with beyerdynamic SPACE
- Wide-ranging Bluetooth® connection
- Compact design allows it to stay permanently connected to a laptop or PC


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