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The story and making passion heard


In July 2017, Austrian Audio was born. They started with a core team of 22 former AKG personell

armed with a wealth of experience and a mission to make passion heard and with a deep tradition of love for music.


At the heart of Austrian Audio’s microphone line, the revolutionary OC818 microphone, the HiX60/65 in the headphone line,

you’ll find an equally passionate commitment to sound and engineering excellence.


Austrian Audio are very passionate and sees the value in education for the future musician, sound engineer,

broadcaster and all type of content creators.

Therefore the Austrian Audio Education program.


EDUcation Guidelines

Austrian Audio offers an EDU discount of 20% off retail price for students & teachers.


Qualifying products:

  • All Headphones and Headsets
  • All Microphones
  • OCR8 Bluetooth Dongle


The following information from students/teachers are required

  • A copy of the student ID card or something similar proving that she/he has attended a current study or training program.
  • A requisition or similar from school/institute.


Students and teachers, please contact your local Austrian Audio dealer!


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