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Soundrise PRO 9

Pris2 495.00
Grundpris2 495.00


SOUNDRISE PRO9 Högtalarstativ för studiomonitorer 9" - Par - Svart

Soundrise PRO 9" passar de flesta 5" till 8" studiomonitorer. Snygg och funktionell design som spar plats och minskar resonans och vibrationer. Klarar vikt upp till 11 kg/st. Svart aluminium.




These speaker stands were designed and crafted by a dedicated in-house artist based on customer feedback and a love for music. They were then vetted by professional musicians, DJs, and sound designers alike. Overall, these innovative audio monitor stands save space while enhancing sound quality by decoupling speakers. 


Universal Fit

The versatile design of our PRO-9 Speaker Stands supports 5" to 8" subwoofers, monitors, satellite speakers, and beyond, including popular models such as Yamaha HS5, KRK Rokit 5, and Kali Audio LP-6


Space Conservation

As the first-ever desktop speaker stand, our Soundrise PRO-9 Speaker Stands are a net-zero storage solution with 9" of lift, conserving much-needed space below your speakers. 

Audio Quality - When your speakers are flush with the surface of your desk or floor, unwanted resonance and vibrations from nearby objects can worsen your sound quality. Our vibration-reducing speaker stands boost the quality, purity, and accuracy of your audio output. 


Meticulous Design

The 22,8 x 16,5 cm top platform of our aluminum speaker stands are engineered to hold upwards of 11 kg, dampening vibrations through a flexible, resonance-reducing frame. 

Multiple Use Cases - Whether you’re recording at home, mastering a track, live streaming, or just listening, our desk speakers offer stylish versatility for professional musicians, audio engineers, and gamers alike. 

- Fits most 5-8" monitors.