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Sonnet xMac Studio No Module

Pris10 995.00
Grundpris10 995.00
480 x 419 x 133 mm
7,26 kg

xMac Studio No Module

3HE rackenhet för montering av en Mac Studio samt plats för en Echo I- eller Echo III-modul. Inkluderar två magneter med självhäftande baksida för montering av bärbara SSD:er.



A Mac Studio™ delivers phenomenal processing power, outperforming computers multiple times its size and price — it also provide a lot of ports to connect things. But how do you incorporate a Mac Studio into off-the-desk professional workflows?

Sonnet xMac Studio integrates a Mac Studio into a compact rackmount enclosure with an optional PCIe card expansion module to support diverse audio and video application needs

Versatile PCIe Card Expansion

From low-profile, half-length to full-height, full-length in size, Echo expansion modules support every Thunderbolt-compatible, non-GPU PCIe card available.

Quiet Fans

Dual temperature-controlled, variable-speed Noctua fans rated at 17 dbA offer ultra-quiet operation.

400W of Power

Built-in 400W power supply supports power-hungry cards including Avid Pro Tools | HDX, AJA® Kona® 5, Blackmagic Decklink 4K Extreme 12G, and Blufish444’s Epoch and KRONOS SDI cards. System powers on and off automatically with the connected Mac Studio.

40Gbps Thunderbolt Interface

40Gbps Thunderbolt interface offers 2800 MB/s of PCIe bandwidth to the installed PCIe card(s).


Key features


- Connects PCIe Card Slots to Mac Studio

- Makes Your Mac Studio Road-ready

- Ideal for Use in Server Rooms

- Front to Back Airflow Management

- Front Panel Power Switch and Integrated USB-A Ports

- Easy Access

- Space for Storage

- Open Slot and Port Access



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