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Warm Audio MPX

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WA-MPX Single-Channel Tube Mic Preamp with Tape Saturation


The WA-MPX is an authentic reproduction of a highly revered tube preamp taken from one of music's most legendary eras, the 50s and 60s. With premium components, original circuit design and Tape Saturation control, the WA-MPX authentically reproduces the vintage sound and warmth of the original.



WA-MPX är en autentisk reproduktion av en väldigt vördad rör-preamp hämtad från en av musikens mest legendariska epoker, 50- och 60-talet.

Les Paul förändrade allt genom att uppfinna ”reel-to-reel” rullbandsinspelning med en preamp tillverkad av AMPEX (350- och 351-modellerna). Den här rörförförstärkaren var pionjär för födelsen av rock 'n' roll soundet och dess ”radio ready” hits, vars klassiska ”rörvärme” definierade en legendarisk era av musik som fortfarande eftersträvas än idag.

Med rullbandspelarens intåg blev denna typ av vintage rör-preamp självklar i signalkedjan på mängder med hitinspelningar, med kraftig analog ton och värme. Detta ikoniska sound hjälpte till att definiera ljudet av artister som Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Bing Crosby, Les Paul, Nat King Cole och Roy Orbison. Än i dag eftersträvas soundet för att skapa tidlösa inspelningar.

Med premiumkomponenter, originalkretsdesign och kontroll av Tape Saturation, återger WA-MPX på ett autentiskt sätt vintage-soundet och värmen från originalet.

WA-MPX har valbar Tape Saturation och ger dig omedelbart ett fantastiskt sound.







The WA-MPX is an authentic reproduction of the most revered microphone tube preamp that pioneered the birth of rock ‘n’ roll & radio-ready hits. During the golden-era of tape recording, this style of vintage tube preamp became the signature sound in the signal chain of hit recordings including Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Les Paul, and Bing Crosby - and is a sound that is still pursued by today’s biggest artists. With premium components, true-to-original circuit design, and tape saturation control, the WA-MPX authentically reproduces all the analog tone of the original to bring vintage warmth & color to your sound.

To accurately deliver the original tube character, the WA-MPX is hand-assembled with three premium tubes per channel paired with custom-wound true-to-spec transformers made in partnership with CineMag, one of the industry’s most-respected component manufacturers. As a premium tube mic pre, WA-MPX delivers a wide range of analog tone; from clean volume with preserved clarity for quieter sources to richer distortion that can be driven harder as the tubes are pushed to saturation.

Additionally, the WA-MPX includes selectable Tape Saturation, adding natural compression, harmonic distortion, and focused tone filtering reminiscent of tape machines running at 15IPS. The 2kHz low-pass filter allows you to further shape and focus your tone, dialing in ultimate midrange warmth & punch, while the 80Hz hi-pass filter helps remove unwanted bass noise from unruly sources. Following the Warm Formula of true-to-original tone driven by premium components - all carefully hand-inspected at Warm Audio Headquarters in Austin, Texas- the WA-MPX delivers the true vintage analog tone that digital plugins just can’t achieve



Legendory History: 

Les Paul changed the course of music forever by inventing reel-to-reel tape recording using a preamp made by AMPEX (the eventual 350 and 351 models). This tube preamp pioneered the birth of rock 'n' roll & radio-ready hits, whose signature tube warmth defined a legendary era of music that is still chased today.

The AMPEX system of tape recording + preamp was THE primary means of recording for major record labels and iconic studios at that time (50s-60s).

Steve Albini, a known 351 fan, used the AMPEX preamp in a variety of ways during his most successful run as a producer in the 90s. Famously, Albin i used the 351 as a direct guitar tone for Kurt Cobain on several tracks that appear on In Utero.


Tech Specs

- Authentic Reproduction Of The Most Revered Tape-Era Tube Preamp 

- Fully Discrete, Hand-Built Construction With 3 Tubes Per Channel For Ultimate Analog Tone 

- Selectable Tape Saturation Adds Harmonic Distortion & Natural Compression 

- 90dB Of Analog Tube Gain Per Channel

- Custom-Wound, Large-Core CineMag USA Transformers

- Mic Input: 600Ω Transformer (6000Ω Rated)

- Mic Input With “Tone” Engaged: 150Ω Transformer (1500Ω Rated)

- Premium (2X) 12AX7 & (1X) 12AU7 Vacuum Tubes

- 600Ω Output Attenuator

- High Gain Control Engages The Third Tube In The Circuit For An Added 20dB (from 70dB to 90dB) Of Clean Gain For Low-Output Mics And Low-Volume Sources

- 48v Phantom Power & Polarity Switch 

- Classic Warm Audio Tone Control That Alters The Input Transformer Impedance Adding Extra Analog Color

- 80Hz High-Pass Filter To Control Unruly Bass Frequencies

- 2kHz Low-Pass Filter To Focus Preamp Power & Warmth On Mids For Added Punch

- Tape Saturation Adds Harmonic Distortion & Natural Compression For Authentic Analog Grit

- Inputs: XLR Mic, TS Instrument & TRS Line.

- Outputs: XLR / TRS Line Level

- VU Meter Level Indication

- Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz



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90db 351-style tube
1x XLR/Hi-Z/Line
1x XLR/Line
Phantom Power
Rack Spaces
2 U
48,3x22,2x8,9 cm