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Cranborne Audio Carnaby500

Price7 459.00
Base price7 459.00
Harmonic EQ
Solid State
Number of Bands
Rack Spaces
17 x 3,1 x 13,3 cm
0,4 kg


Carnaby 500 is a 3-band parametric EQ for the 500 series format with a unique and

revolutionary EQ concept conceived and created by Cranborne Audio.



Carnaby 500 är en 3-bands parametrisk EQ för 500-serienen med ett unikt och revolutionerande EQ-koncept utarbetat och skapat av Cranborne Audio. 

Carnaby 500 världens första Harmonic EQ™ - en analog EQ som använder ”harmonic saturation” för att boosta och

skära frekvensinnehåll. Den ger din inspelning eller mix en äkta rik analog känsla med hjälp av en EQ.

Carnaby 500 har inte bara en världsförsta harmoniska EQ-krets, utan den har också en innovativ stereolänkningsfunktion som kallas OPTOSYNC som gör att två Carnaby 500-enheter kan fungera som en

perfekt stereopar för mixar och stereokällor genom att trådlöst använda LED och optisk kommunikation mellan enheterna.





Harmonic EQ for 500 Series

Carnaby 500 is a 3-band parametric EQ for the 500 series format with a unique and

revolutionary EQ concept conceived and created by Cranborne Audio. Carnaby 500 is the

world’s first Harmonic EQ™ - an analogue EQ that uses harmonic saturation to boost and

cut frequency content. It enhances your sources, stems and mixes with genuine analogue

harmonic saturation with the feel, familiarity, and control of an equaliser.


3-Band Parametric EQ With More

Carnaby 500 features 3 interactive bands of Harmonic EQ™ with each band having 10dB of

boost/cut and its own sweepable and overlapping frequency controls. Each band of

Carnaby 500 has a unique blend of harmonic content suited to its frequency band to

achieve maximum musicality.


The HI band has a frequency range from 5kHz all the way to 25kHz and uses smooth

saturation to naturally extend high frequencies beyond the audio band for ultimate air and

breath on vocals and acoustic instruments.


The LO band has a frequency range of 420Hz down to 20Hz and uses hard-clipping

saturation to extend sub-harmonic frequencies into the audible low-end - perfect for subtle

low-end warming or extreme sub-harmonic saturation.


The MID band is a peaking filter with a fixed Q and a wide sweepable frequency range from

200Hz up to 6.2kHz. It uses saturation to add harmonic emphasis to the source anywhere in

the frequency range.


Unlike other EQs, Carnaby 500 has a dynamic response and increases in total boost/cut and

harmonics as the circuits are driven harder. An Input and Output level control on each band

allows for ±20dB of level adjustment enabling you to drive Carnaby 500 harder with the

input control for more saturation and distortion effects or back it off for a cleaner EQ when



Stereo-Link via OPTOSYNC

Carnaby 500 not only features a world-first EQ circuit, but it also has an innovative

stereo-linking feature called OPTOSYNC which enables two Carnaby 500 units to work as a

perfect stereo pair for mixes and stereo sources.


Using OPTOSYNC, all controls are synchronized from the left unit to the right without

cables or internal fixings. Switch OPTOSYNC for all slave units to ON and their control’s all

synchronize to the master unit wirelessly using LED and optical communication. You can

also use OPTOSYNC to link together multiple units for applying the same sonic footprint

across entire summing mixers or multi-channel surround mixes.


Key Features

- 3-band, 500 Series Harmonic EQTM meticulously developed by the Cranborne Audio

team in the UK

- Custom analogue EQ circuit and unique ‘saturation-core’ technology for

Harmonically-enriched EQ effects

- Parametric LO and HI shelving bands with ±10dB of cut/boost and harmonic


- Parametric peaking MID band with ±10dB of cut/boost, fixed Q and harmonic


- LO, MID, and HI LED indicators to display saturation level

- ±20dB Input and Output Level for dense harmonic saturation or clean EQ effects

- OptoSync wireless communication between modules for linked controls during

stereo operation

- ⅛” TRS socket for linking non-adjacent modules

- Circuit auto-calibration for perfect stereo matching between all modules

- True-bypass IN/OUT switching with complete or post input trim modes available on

DIP switch

- Stepped, front-panel controls for quick recall and precise feel