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Two Notes Torpedo Captor X

Pris5 890.00
Grundpris5 890.00

Two Notes Captor X

Two Notes fortsätter framåt i området de redan regerar. Den nya Captor X är en extremt kompakt Reaktiv Loadbox, Attenuator, Cab Sim, IR Loader och Stereo Expander som kan styras via mjukvara antingen på datorn eller i telefon etc.



Torpedo Captor X is a compact reactive load box, tube amp attenuator, miked cab simulator, IR

loader and stereo expander for home, live and studio use. Playing your tube amp in a great

sounding room with an exceptional choice of perfectly matched speaker cabinets and

microphones is truly joyous and an unparalleled experience. The Torpedo Captor X is for tube

amp lovers who crave this every time they play - no matter the environment.

Fed up with lifting heavy cabinets, inconsistent sound and stage volume issues? Torpedo Captor

X allows you to go direct to the PA and audio interface with studio-grade cabinet simulations (cab



Two notes Audio Engineering pioneered the digital load box and over the last decade,

thousands of Two notes hardware users have captured and enjoyed the harmonic complexity

and responsiveness of their tube amps both in the studio and on-stage. Torpedo Captor X is the

premium compact reactive load box but so much more.

Torpedo Captor X is the portable solution to your amp being too loud. Play your tube amp at its

sweet spot and control your volume with the attenuator, anywhere. You can even enjoy your 100

watt rig in silence with an immersive headphone experience. Designed to embrace today's

demanding on-stage and studio recording environments, Torpedo Captor X brings new features

to the Torpedo Captor family including a Stereo Expander (Stereo Reverb and Twin Tracker),

Enhancer, Voicing, Space, Noise Gate and XLR DI outputs with 3 routing options (Stereo, Dual

Mono and Dry / Wet).


Effortlessly Control the Miking Chain

Pair Torpedo Captor X with your phone, tablet, computer or MIDI controller, and shape your tone

with Torpedo Remote. It’s a lot of fun choosing your cabinet, combination of mics and mic

positions; experiment by placing microphones both in front and behind your virtual cabinet.

Explore 32 carefully curated virtual cabinets, 8 microphones per cabinet and 8 room simulations

and save your favorite 128 presets. Select your preset, room acoustic, output routing, EQ, reverb

or edit any parameter from your device of choice using Torpedo Remote. No other compact

reactive amp attenuator offers such universal control of the miking chain and with dual miking per

cabinet, you may never use a real mic again.


Stereo Expander

Twin Tracker is an automatic double tracker. Your mono amp sound is routed to the left output

and Twin Tracker creates another track (a virtual guitarist) on the right channel in real-time. The

slight differences in timing and attack contribute to a beefed-up tone and massive sound. Two

notes developed an entirely new Stereo Reverb algorithm for Torpedo Captor X. Use the Space

control to adjust the width of your stereo field; create subtle studio room acoustics and immense

rooms for ambient soundscapes.


Enhance your Tone

Voicing is a fast tone control enabling you to change the overall sound of all your presets at

once. You may need to make a quick fix to adapt your sound to the venue you’re playing or the

session you’re recording. Dial left to emphasize the mid frequencies and cut better through the

mix and dial right to get a more scooped and modern tone. Sometimes you need a touch of

magic to get the sound you are chasing; the Enhancer is a combination of dynamic and tone

shaping tools, tailored for your guitar, and bass. Thickness and Brilliance emphasize the low end

and high end of the tone, respectively. Body will render your tone fuller and more present.


Two XLR outputs, Three possibilities

Enjoy the stereo experience when playing at home but in a live or studio situation you may wish

to route the outputs differently. Enable Dual Mono routing and send different signals to your FOH

and monitors; apply different EQ settings and Reverb levels to each output. Want to change the

tone after recording your killer riff? Enable Dry / Wet routing to send both your cab sim and dry

amp signal independently to your audio interface; process the dry signal at your leisure in your

DAW with the included and critically acclaimed Two notes Wall of Sound plugin.


The feature-packed, easy-to-use and road-ready Two notes Torpedo Captor X is the perfect

compact solution for tube amp lovers at home, on stage and in the studio.


Features / Specifications

- Compact Reactive Load Box (8 Ohm, 100 watt RMS).

- Tube Amp Attenuator: Home (-38dB), Club (-20dB), Stadium (0db).

- Torpedo IR-based technology creating Dual-miked Virtual Cabinets.

- Dual IR Loader: 512 memory slots for custom IR files.

- Loaded with 32 Virtual Cabinets, 128 preset locations.

- Instantly select your favorite preset direct on the hardware (PRESET).

- Choose from 8 microphones per cabinet and 8 room simulations.

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