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Orange Terror Bass

Pris8 095.00
Grundpris8 095.00
Rörhybrid bastopp
500 Watt
1 med Clean Switch
4,65 kg
30.7 x 19 x 16 cm

Orange Terror Bass förstärkartopp


500 W basförstärkartopp med rör i preamp och Solid State-slutsteg.


Terror Bass är en basförstärkare på 500 watt med en rörpreamp baserad på flaggskeppet AD200 och ett Class D-slutsteg.

Terror Bass har en Clean-omkopplare som ger ett renare ljud och mer headroom. Den här förstärkaren kan leverera allt från crunchiga rocksound till rena snygga sound.

Terror Bass har en Pad-omkopplare för aktiva/passiva basar och effektretur.



The all new, re-designed Terror Bass has arrived and it sounds better than ever. With an all valve front end, the Terror Bass is a 500W hybrid bass amp with a valve preamp and solid state power amp, making it closer to the sound of our flagship AD200 than ever before.

The front panel remains the same layout to the original Terror Bass but with an added clean switch, giving more headroom and smoother, clean sounds.


From clean pop sounds through to gritty rock tones the Terror Bass can do it all. A pad switch on the front for active basses takes 6dB off the input sensitivity. The effects loop is valve on the send and solid state on the return.


The Terror bass is a Class D amp with 500 watts of power into 4 Ohms and 250 Watts into 8 Ohms, the limiter switch on the back prevents the output stage from being pushed too hard into 4 ohms. The Terror bass is perfect for any situation, whether studio, practice or live gig.


Closely based on the AD200 front end

The front end of the Terror Bass is the same all valve preamp design as the flagship Orange bass amp, the AD200. The AD200 is a classic, uncomplicated amplifier, designed to give you the best tone.


Class D Amplifier

The Terror bass is a 500 Watt hybrid amplifier with a valve preamp and a Class D solid state power section, giving analogue valve tone in a small, compact lunchbox head.


Ground Lift

Use this to reduce or eliminate ground-related noise arising from ground loops in your audio cabling.

Pad for active bass

The pad switch on the front of the Terror bass takes 6dB off the input sensitivity, meaning the amp perfect for active or passive basses.


FX Loop

With a valve on the send and solid state return, the FX loop on the Terror bass is perfect for all you pedalboards needs, giving you the perfect pedal platform.


Clean Switch

Perfect to be used when you need a smooth, clean tone. The clean switch gives more headroom to your bass tone, with the simple switch on the front of the head.

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