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Universal Audio SD-5

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Universal Audio SD-5

SD-5 Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone. Easily capture all the punch and heft of your kick drums, bass amps, and anything else where extended low-end is required. A classic dynamic mic with a supercardioid polar pattern, high SPL handling, and best-in-class Hemisphere mic modeling — SD-5 gives you pro sound, no matter where you record.



SD-5 Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone fmed Hemisphere mic-modellering kommer att fånga all kraft och punch från bastrumma, basförstärkare och allt annat där low-end punch krävs. Genom att använda samma prisbelönta teknik som våra UA Sphere-modelleringsmikrofoner, ger Hemisphere mic-modelleringsplugin dig det autentiska ljudet av ikoniska dynamiska mikrofoner från Shure, Audix, AKG och mer, i realtid med Apollo eller inbyggt i din DAW. Hemisphere Modeling Plug-in kommer med gratis vid registrering av din SD-5.




With the SD-5 Dynamic Microphone and Hemisphere mic modeling you'll capture all the punch and heft of your kick drums, bass amps, and anything else where extended low-end punch is required, quickly giving you mixable sounds for hit-making results.

Easily Capture your Best Bass Sounds

From stage to studio, the SD-5’s supercardioid design, ultra-high SPL capability, and extraordinary isolation give you powerful heft and thump. Move the SD-5 around your source to get the perfect amount of detail and bass response — without using EQ — and capture all the transients and tone of your instruments.

Get Low-End Perfection with Hemisphere Mic Modeling

Using the same award-winning tech as our UA Sphere modeling microphones, the free Hemisphere mic modeling plug-in gives you the authentic sound of iconic dynamic mics from Shure, Audix, AKG and more, in realtime with Apollo or natively in your DAW.* You can also shape the sound of your recordings using filter, proximity effect, and axis controls — even after tracking, including the famous "woofer-in-reverse" mic trick for an even deeper low end.

Add a Pro Mic with Vintage Style

With all-metal construction, retro styling, and hand-selected capsules, the SD-5 gives you a trusted companion to reliably capture valuable low-end frequencies for decades of solid performance.

Included Hemisphere Mic Models


Based on a popular dynamic microphone dating back to the 1950’s — this model is favored by producer/engineer John Leckie (Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd), who often uses a 12 model alongside a 421 on kick drums.**


This Austrian-made kick drum microphone is now considered an industry standard. Used on countless Hip-Hop and Rock records, it has extended low frequency capture with clear top end presence for beater attack.


The DN-6 model is based on an American kick drum mic that has become a go-to for studio recording. With its deep bass and heavily contoured sound, it works especially well for tight, syncopated Metal genres.


The DN-52 model is based on a current production version of the American 52-style kick drum microphone. This model provides extended low frequency capture, and an overall balanced sound useful on nearly any kick drum or bass instrument.


The DN-SUB model is based on a studio trick which uses a full-range speaker driver wired-in-reverse for extended sub frequency capture. Many engineers will blend this sound along with a traditional mic for adding weight to kick drums and bass cabinets — now an easier task with just a single mic and the Hemisphere plug-in.


Key Benefits

- Supercardioid dynamic microphone for kick drums, bass amps, and other low-end sources and instruments

- Hemisphere mic modeling gives you the sounds of iconic dynamic and ribbon mics from Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic*

- Supercardioid polar pattern rejects off-axis sounds while maintaining low frequency presence

- Hand-selected dynamic capsules to handle extreme SPL

- Includes integrated standmount and storage pouch

- Includes integrated standmount and storage pouch

- Rugged all-metal construction and stylish UA craftsmanship


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Polar Pattern
Super Cardioid
Freq. Response
40 Hz -15 kHz
50 Ohms
10,3 x 14,2 cm
0,727 kg
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