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Universal Audio SD-3

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Universal Audio SD-3



With the SD-3 Dynamic Microphone and Hemisphere mic modeling you'll easily capture pro-sounding snare drums, loud guitar cabs, brass, woodwinds, and more with a compact, rugged mic that exudes style and delivers album-ready results, every day.



Universal Audio SD-3 är en kompakt designad dynamisk mikrofon. SD-3 är perfekt för truminspelning, virvel och pukor, gitarrförstärkare, blås och mycket mer. Tillsammans med Hemisphere Mic Modeling plugin som följer med gratis, ger SD-3 dig fantastiska möjligheter att skapa ditt sound med mikrofonmodelleringar från ikoniska dynamiska mikrofoner som bland annat Shure, Audix och AKG.



The SD-3 dynamic microphone features a compact design, high SPL tolerance, Hemisphere mic modeling, and included accessories for professional studio use.

Easily capture snare and tom drums, loud guitar cabs, brass, and more with SD-3 — a classic dynamic mic with high SPL handling, cardioid polar pattern, and best-in-class Hemisphere mic modeling giving you pro sound in any environment.



Record Through Five Workhorse Mics

SD-3 is powered by the same mic modeling technology found in Universal Audio’s award-winning UA Sphere microphones. With the included Hemisphere Mic Collection, it’s the only dynamic modeling mic that gives you the authentic sound of famous dynamics from Shure, Sennheiser, and AKG.*



A Modeling Mic That Works for You

SD-3 and the included Hemisphere Mic Collection plug-in work with or without UA hardware, and go way beyond subtle EQ curves to give you precise control over filter, proximity, and axis — an industry first. Just set up SD-3 and use the plug-in to find that "sweet spot" for a guitar cab, or tame harsh frequencies on a snare or tom drum.



Easily Capture Your Best Sounds

Universal Audio fine-tuned the cardioid polar pattern on SD-3 for a wide range of environments. Whether it's your bedroom, project, or pro studio — or even the stage — SD-3’s ultra-high SPL tolerance and exceptional isolation give you iconic "sit-in-the-mix" sounds heard on countless hits. Plus, its compact size lets you zone in for perfect mic placement in tight spaces.



Add a Pro Mic with Vintage Style

With all-metal construction, retro fit and finish, and hand-selected capsules, the SD-3 stands apart from other "workhorse dynamics" — giving you a trusted partner, perfect for capturing nearly any source.




Included Hemisphere Mic Models


Introduced in 1965, the ubiquitous "57" is very likely the best selling microphone of all time. It can be a particularly good option when blended with other mics, such as ribbons and large diaphragm condensers, to achieve a more balanced sound. The DN-57 is based on a recent production model.




A predecessor to the mighty 57, this model employed the Unidyne III capsule. It was used extensively on The Beach Boys Pet Sounds, including Brian Wilson's lead vocal, and countless other recordings of that era.




The DN-604 model is based on a current production European-made 604, which has become a standard on stages and studios around the world. This compact clip-on mic has a variety of uses, most notably snare and tom drums.




The 409 shines on many sources, but is particularly well-suited to electric guitar amps. It has a smooth top, and its low-end response below 100 Hz can help instruments and vocals sit nicely in the mix.




The DN-4 is based on a modern compact instrument mic that works great on toms, but is equally at home on guitar cabinets and snare drums. Universal Audio included a three-position filter to allow you to further sculpt the sound.




Key Benefits

- Compact dynamic microphone for percussion and instruments

- Hemisphere mic modeling gives you the sounds of iconic dynamic mics from Shure, Audix, and Sennheiser*

- Shape the sound of your recordings using filter, proximity, and axis controls — even after tracking

- Cardioid polar pattern rejects off-axis sounds

- Hand-selected dynamic capsules to handle extreme SPL

- Rugged all-metal construction and stylish UA craftsmanship


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Polar Pattern
Freq. Response
40 Hz -15 kHz
250 Ohms
9,1 x 4,2 cm
0,214 kg
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