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Warm Audio Warm Lifter

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WA-WL Warm Lifter

The Warm Audio Warm Lifter is a premium inline active microphone preamp designed for low output dynamic and ribbon mics with 26dB of gain, and added high-pass filter + high-shelf boost.




Warm Audio Warm Lifter är en in-line aktiv mikrofonförstärkare designad för dynamiska- och bandmikrofoner med låg utsignal. Warm Lifter funkar lika bra för live- och studiobruk. Warm Lifter förstärker den analoga signalen med hela 26 dB utan att lägga till extra brus. Warm Lifter kommer också med ett 100 Hz högpassfilter och en 3 kHz boost-filter.





The Warm Audio Warm Lifter is an inline active microphone preamp designed for low output dynamic and ribbon mics with premium features for live & studio use. Warm Lifter boasts 26dB of analog gain with true impedance matching, so any low output mic you plug in will be professionally powered for connecting to audio interfaces or mixers. Beyond gain, Warm Lifter also has a 100Hz high-pass filter and a 3kHz high-shelf boost to sculpt tones. Warm Lifter is built with premium components and rugged material. Warm Lifters are 100% tested and inspected by trained technicians with a passion for making music in Austin, TX.

- Low-Output Mic Magic: The Warm Lifert offers 26 dB of clean gain to low-output microphones, including passive ribbons and certain dynamic models, ensuring optimal performance in both recording and live scenarios where additional gain is crucial for accurate detail and frequency response, especially when connected directly to interfaces.

- True 26dB Of Clean Gain: Warm Lifter will always deliver 26dB of clean output gain, regardless of the mic that you choose. Unlike some inline preamps, signal boosters, and lifters, the circuit design of the Warm Lifter protects your recording from signal loss or phase issues by ensuring there is no "mismatching" of impedance between your mic of choice and the Warm Lifter.

- Added Frequency Flexibility: The Warm Lifter has a selectable 100 Hz high-pass filter to remove unruly low end frequencies for added clarity and detail. Additionally, the Warm Lifter has a selectable 3 kHz high-shelf boost to emphasize the upper-mids and highs for clarity and detail boosted on darker mics.

- Impedance Matching: The Warm Lifter input impedance is 2.4k Ohm, and will consistently act as a matchmaker between low output microphones and interfaces/mixers to solve common impedance mismatch problems like signal loss, altered frequency response, and phase issues.

- Studio Sound & Road-Ready: The Warm Lifter houses an ultra low-noise JFET input with a fully balanced (ins/outs) signal path and operates on 48v phantom power. The incredibly durable build quality adds to the total package to deliver a critical piece of audio utility gear that you will want by your side at all times.

- Hand-Tested In Austin, TX: Like all Warm Audio gear, every single Warm Lifter is meticulously hand-tested and inspected by trained technicians with a passion for making music in Austin, TX USA.


Tech Specs

- Inline Active Microphone Preamp

- Ultra Low Noise JFET Input

- Balanced (In/Out) Signal Path

- 26 dB Of True Analog Gain

- Selectable 100 Hz (12 dB) High-Pass Filter | Selectable 3 kHz (2.5 dB) High-Shelf Boost

- Input Impedance: 2.4k Ohm | Output Impedance: 150 Ohm

- Max-Input: -11 dBu (218mV rms) | Max-Output: 15 dBu (4.36V rms)

- THD+N @ 15dBu: -100dB (0.001%)

- Output Noise: 7.75 uV (A-weighted) with 150 Ohm Inp

- Frequency Response: 10-100kHz +/-0.2 dB

- 48v Phantom Powered With 4.7mA Current Draw

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Inline Active Preamp
1x XLR
1x XLR
6,9 x 4,1 x 11,9 cm
0,34 kg


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