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Wong Compressor

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Wong Compressor

Kompressor och Boostpedal designad med Cory Wong, gitarrist i bland annat Vulfpeck



Cory wong har på ganska kort tid gjort sig känd som en av de svängigaste och mest inflytelserika funk-gitarrister i branschen. Ego kompressorn från Wampler har alltid varit med i hans ljudbild, men nu har Cory och Brian Wampler tagit detta till nästa steg.


Wong Compressor har även en boost inbyggd som gör denna pedal väldigt mångsidig. Vi tror att detta är en ny modern klassiker.




The Wampler EGO compressor has been an integral part of Cory Wong’s

signature sound for years, providing the light touch required to subtly

drive the best from his tone, so this was a natural starting point for

designing his signature pedal. Cory’s vision included some very specific

features including an XLR out so he could go straight into a computer

interface, mixing desk, or PA for those signature bright and clean tones.

He also wanted to add a boost that allowed him to choose either a flat volume

boost or a rich, saturated boost that could push his midrange a little, all in a compact

pedal enclosure with two foot-switches and an always-ON mode allowing stage friendly

operation. The Wampler Cory Wong Compressor delivers all of this with the premium build quality

Wampler is known for.

The Wampler Cory Wong compressor features two soft footswitches that operate

each function of the pedal with a three-color LED indicator to show which mode is active. The

Compressor side offers complete control over Volume, Sustain, Attack, and Blend as well as Brian

Wampler’s signature Tone control which can be dialed in to add sparkle and chime to your guitar’s

tone. On the boost side, a single rotary boost control adjusts the amount of boost activated

and a profile switch sets the mode of the boost circuit from a flat boost to a rich saturated

boost with an extra vibrancy around the 550Hz range. Combine both channels for glorious

compression and a powerful lead boost.

The Cory Wong Compressor is a complete solution for sculpting tone either on the stage or in

the studio

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