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Sontronics Saturn 2

Price18 999.00
Base price18 999.00


Kondensatormikrofon med nio karakteristiker perfekt för sång, piano, akustiska instrument med mera.

En av SATURN 2:s viktigaste förbättringar är dess utökade upptagningsförmåga, med totalt nio karaktäristiker: de fem indikerade på frontpanelen – omni, subcardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid och figure-of-eight – plus fyra mellanliggande positioner. Frontpanelen har även omkopplare för tvåstegsfiltret (75Hz, 125Hz) och pad (-10dB, -20dB).

Med sin höga känslighet, exceptionellt låga självbrus och Sontronics legendariska supersläta mjuka diskant är SATURN 2 designad för att vara arbetshästen för alla inspelningssituationer. Oavsett om det är sång, tal, piano, akustiska instrument, ensemble eller helt enkelt rumsatmosfär, ger SATURN 2 dig perfekt resultat, utan att behöva röra EQ.


SATURN 2 is the second generation of the original award-winning and best-selling Saturn that went out of production in 2015. The all-new SATURN 2 is a triumph of British design and engineering. The original proprietary circuit design has been further improved through the use of the finest electronic components with super-low tolerances, resulting in a pristine and accurate response. The body, switchgear, shockmount and the iconic ring are all precision engineered and hard-anodised to military spec, to ensure a stunning, durable finish. 


One of SATURN 2’s key improvements is its expanded pickup functionality, featuring nine polar patterns in total: the five indicated on the front panel – omni, subcardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid and figure-of-eight – plus four intermediate positions. The patterns, selected using the new digitally controlled encoder, are indicated by a blue LED or a pair of LEDs if you’ve chosen the intermediate pattern. The front panel also features switches for the two-stage filter (75Hz, 125Hz) and pad (-10dB, -20dB).


With its high-sensitivity, exceptionally low self-noise and the Sontronics’ legendary super-smooth top end, SATURN 2 is designed to be THE precision workhorse for any recording environment. Whether it’s vocals, speech, piano, acoustic instruments, ensemble or simply room ambience, SATURN 2 delivers mix-ready results, with absolutely no need to touch EQ.


Designed, developed and hand-built in the UK and covered by our unique Lifetime Warranty, the new SATURN 2 sounds as incredible as it looks. It will totally blow you away!



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