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DSM & Humboldt Simplifier MKII

Price4 899.00
Base price4 899.00
Analog preamp
Yes, Digital
120 x 70 x 45 mm
360 grams

DSM & Humboldt Simplifier

Analog guitar preamp with 3 amp types, 3 cab types and digital reverb.

Analog gitarr-preamp i ny version med 3 förstärkar-typer, två uppsättningar emulerade kabinett, stereo effektretur, fyra utgångar, AUX-ingång, hörlursutgång m.m.


The Simplifier MK-II takes the analog amp simulation to a new stage of realism. Much more options, while keeping the instant touch and

dynamics that only an all analog device can manage. the same ultra compact footprint.

Shortly after we unveiled the Simplifier Classic in September 2019, several other brands came up with very similar products; Nevertheless, the Simplifier sound held strongly, earning an

amazing recognition great sales, reviews and powerful end users experiences. So, what made us stand out from the rest? As our CTO

Daniel Schwartz once said: We took the right choices.

With hard work, we decided to improve every aspect of the product and keep all the good things that made it so popular, to push it

beyond being a pedal platform and mirroring the most realistic and versatile analog amp simulator till today.

• Completely redesigned preamps with

wider gain options

• AC BRIT Preamp minimizes the MID

Control range resulting on a more

accurate historic behavior, like a VOX

AC-30 64’ Top Boost channel.

• American (USA) Preamp is now based

on a true classic: The Bassman 59’

• MS Brit performs a new level of gain,

just like a hot-rodded Marshall Plexi.

• A new Dedicated power amp drive allows you to dial the

perfect amount of power amp compression for that sweet-

spot that only a tube amp can achieve. This controls sets a

new level of realism engineered only by DSM Humboldt.

• The POWER AMP is a highly detailed reproduction of a

Class A/B power stage, including the phase inverter. Each

power type reconfigure the feedback path, PI gain and the

effect of the power transformer on the power tubes.

• A Clip indicator shows when the emulated power tubes are

clipping, helping you to find the desired sweet spot

between power drive and preamp drive, as it would be on

an actual tube amplifier.

• In combination with the MASTER VOLUME, you can get

any amount of pre and power amp drive at any volume


• MASTER VOLUME allows you to set any

amount of pre and power amp drive at any

volume level, avoiding unwanted FX-LOOP


• Re-designed PRESENCE Control within the

power amp feedback. Clockwise it boosts

the mid-highs like Marshall and Fender.

Counterclockwise it cuts the Highs like a VOX


• Re-designed RESONANCE Control that

allows you to set the low-end thump

according to your PA system.

• After a comprehensive research based on

hundreds of response curves from the most

renown speakers in the market, we completely

redesigned the Cabsim section, replacing the

MIC position control for a more useful yet

intuitive three profile speakers control:

BLACK: Based on the V30 Speaker

BLUE: Based on the Blue Alnico Speaker

GREEN: Based on the G12 Greenback Speaker

• Three Classic Cab types:

COMBO (1x12" Blackface style Cab)

TWIN (2x12" AC Style Cab)

STACK (4x12" 1960 Style Cab)

According to many users, one of the

most desired features on the OG

Simplifier was a built in reverb, or at

least a room control.

This is why, we heard this call by

loading our new Simplifier, with a side-

chained digital PLATE reverb.

With a redesigned layout for an easy

understanding and connectivity, will help

you to keep your Simplifier as your

pedalboard brain, better than ever.

Also we included a brand new heavy-

duty all aluminium enclosure, with all

metal switches for maximum endurance.

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