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Warm Audio Warm Bender

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Warm Bender

The Warm Audio Warm Bender features dedicated, selectable circuits that accurately deliver two of the most iconic Tone Bender fuzz tones in one stomp box. Choose between an NOS 76 setting for cutting, present tone and an NOS 75 setting for Mark II Professional-style Bender fuzz tone, plus a bonus silicon 3-transistor topology circuit for a more modern take on this legendary flavor of fuzz.




Warm Audio Warm Bender har dedikerade, valbara kretsar som exakt rekonstruerar två av de mest ikoniska Tone Bender fuzz-tonerna i en stompbox. Välj mellan en NOS 76-inställning som tydligt skär igenom ljudbilden och en NOS 75-inställning för Mark II Professional-stil Bender fuzz-ton. Dessutom finns en tredje silicon transistor för en mer modern version av denna legendariska fuzz.





The Warm Audio Warm Bender features dedicated selectable circuits for delivering two of the most iconic Tone Bender fuzz tones plus a bonus modern tone in one stomp box. WarmBender’s NOS 76 setting brings a cutting, present tone to the front of any band, while the NOS 75 delivers that Mark II Professional-style Bender fuzz tone lauded by all the Riff-Lords of the 60s & 70s. WarmBender is made with 100% through-hole construction using NOS Germanium transistors. WarmBender houses two distinct Germanium fuzz circuits plus a third modern silicon circuit for a more smooth, distortion-like tone. With the added SAG control starving the voltage and the smaller pedal footprint, WarmBender is the ultimate Bender fuzz experience.

Three Selectable Circuits: For rich, responsive, and rude fuzz, harness the authentic tone of not one but TWO of the most iconic British Tone Bender fuzz pedals to take the UK by storm. Like the original two-transistor and three-transistor vintage pedals, Warm Bender delivers all of the raw unhinged tones that put this style of fuzz on the map. Additionally, WarmBender features a bonus third circuit using silicon transistors in the 3-transistor topology for a more modern take on this legendary flavor of fuzz.

Classic Two-Knob Tone Bender-Style Controls + More: Warm Bender has the classic ‘Level’ and ‘Attack’ controls of the NOS 75 & NOS 76 Tone Bender-style pedals. Level adjusts the output volume of the pedal. It regulates the overall loudness of the effect. The Attack control determines the level of distortion/sustain of the fuzz. Added controls include a rotary Version switch to choose the distinct, 100% analog bender-style circuit and a SAG switch rear-mounted to starve the pedal of voltage.

NOS Germanium Transistors: The first two positions on Warm Bender use NOS germanium transistors to authentically reproduce the intricate tones and unique separate circuits of vintage Tone Bender fuzz pedals. Position #1 is a two-transistor fuzz with an NOS OC76 transistor paired with an NOS SFT337. Position #2 is a three-transistor fuzz with (3X) NOS OC75 transistors. Each transistor in WarmBender is hand-tested with tight tolerances for consistent performance.

NOS 76 Setting - Cut Through The Mix: This two-transistor, OC76-based flavor of fuzz boasts bright, edgy, cutting tones that can’t be ignored. Like the original silver and black Tone Bender style of fuzz, the NOS 76 setting on WarmBender delivers aggressive fuzz with raw grit and sharp attack.

NOS 75 Setting - Get The Warm & Fuzzies: Compared to the NOS 76 setting, the NOS 75 setting on Warm Bender boasts thunderous bass with smooth, wooly, and fat fuzz tones. Like the original 3-transistor, Professional MKII / OC75-based British fuzz pedal, the NOS 75 setting on Warm Bender reveals a saturated, round, "darker" sound reminiscent of the most riff-worthy British-made fuzz pedals.

Silicon Setting - Modern, Controlled Chaos: The silicon setting on WarmBender takes the 3-transistor topology similar to the NOS 75 setting but replaces the Germanium transistors with modern, silicon components. This setting acts as a bridge between traditional Tone Bender fuzz and more modern distortion-like tone delivering smoother sustain, natural compression, and fuzz that plays nice in the mix.

Experience Starved-Circuit Tones With SAG: The SAG switch on Warm Bender recreates the special and unique sound of the original Tone Bender-style fuzz pedals when the batteries would die or the power was starved. These tones are ultra touch-sensitive, especially when rolling the volume off. The resulting playing experience is similar to tweed/mid-gain amps at the edge of breakup.

Hand-Tested In Austin, TX: Like all Warm Audio gear, the Warm Bender is meticulously hand-tested and inspected by trained technicians with a passion for making music in Austin, TX USA.



Tech Specs

- Selectable Three-Circuit, NOS Transistor Bender-Style Fuzz Pedal

- Accurately Recreating Two Of The Most Iconic Tone Bender Fuzz Pedals + A Bonus Modern Circuit

- Premium Components, Including All-NOS Germanium transistors: (1X) OC76, (1X) SFT337, & (3X) OC75.

- Controls: Level, Attack, Version, SAG

- 100% Through-Hole Construction

- True-Bypass Switching

- Custom Enclosure With A Durable Hammered Metal Powder Coat Finish

- 1/4" Input And Output Jacks

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Bypass Switchin
Power Source
9V DC/9v Battery
Power Usage
6 mA
15 x 9 x 6 cm
0,68 kg
Guitar Cable Pro Series 6,1m
Guitar Cable Pro Series Angled 0,2m
Black Sheep Power One
T-Rex FuelTank Chameleon
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