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Cranborne Audio Carnaby HE2

Price28 290.00
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Carnaby HE2

2U, 19 inch rackmount digitally-controlled Stereo, dual-mono & mid/side 3-band HarmonicEQ® with additional 2-band shaping EQ.



Carnaby HE2 HarmonicEQ använder samma unika och revolutionerande EQ-koncept som finns i Carnaby 500 och använder harmonisk saturation för att öka och minska frekvensinnehållet. Konceptet tas dock ännu längre med Carnaby HE2 med styrning av HE2 via USB eller NET-porten och Cranborne Audios egna VST/AU/AAX plugin för kontroll och total-recall.



Our Carnaby HE2 HarmonicEQ® utilises the same unique and revolutionary EQ concept found in Carnaby 500, using harmonic saturation to boost and cut frequency content. Enhance your sources, stems and mixes with genuine analogue harmonic saturation with the feel, familiarity, and control of an equaliser. However, the concept is taken even further with Carnaby HE2.

3-Band Parametric EQ With More

Whether being used for Stereo, Dual Mono or Mid-Side processing, Carnaby HE2 features 3 bypassable, interactive bands of HarmonicEQ® per channel. Each band has 10dB of boost/cut and its own sweepable and overlapping frequency controls. As with Carnaby 500, each of Carnaby HE2s bands has a unique blend of harmonic content suited to its frequency band to achieve maximum musicality.

The HI band has a frequency range from 5kHz all the way to 25kHz and uses smooth saturation to naturally extend high frequencies beyond the audio band for ultimate air and breath on vocals and acoustic instruments.

The LO band has a frequency range of 420Hz down to 20Hz and uses hard-clipping saturation to extend sub-harmonic frequencies into the audible low-end - perfect for subtle low-end warming or extreme sub-harmonic saturation.

The MID band is a peaking filter with a fixed Q and a wide sweepable frequency range from 200Hz up to 6.2kHz. It uses saturation to add harmonic emphasis to the source anywhere in the frequency range.

Unlike other EQs, Carnaby HE2 has a dynamic response and increases in total boost/cut and harmonics as the circuits are driven harder. An Input and Output level control on each band allows for ±20dB of level adjustment, enabling you to drive Carnaby HE2 harder with the input control for more saturation and distortion effects, or back it off for a cleaner EQ when needed.

Fully Digitally-Controlled with USB and Network options

Carnaby HE2 takes control to a whole new level allowing all buttons and controls of the unit to be controlled remotely via USB or an Ethernet network. Our VST/AU/AAX control plugin seamlessly integrates with the Carnaby HE2 hardware via the USB or NET ports, allowing for convenient real-time control and recall from within your DAW. It also facilitates the independent saving and loading of presets.

Per-Band Bypass

Achieve precise tonal sculpting by independently bypassing each of the 3 frequency bands, allowing you to audition and fine-tune your settings.

Extended HF & LF Shaping

Facilitating further sound-sculpting, precise HF and LF cut controls with individual bypass controls help further tame and shape your audio.

Mid/Side Processing

Especially valuable for mastering, mixing, and sound design applications, Carnaby HE2 allows for Mid/Side processing, allowing you to apply HarmonicEQ® to the separate mid (center) and side (stereo width) components of your stereo signal. No additional hardware is needed, Carnaby HE2 takes care of all the necessary encoding and decoding.

Inserts for outboard hardware

Carnaby HE2 features a bypassable TRS Insert on each of its two channels. The inserts are post M/S encoding and pre M/S decoding allowing you to use each of these Inserts to connect outboard hardware before your signal hits the HarmonicEQ® processing.



Key Features

- 3-band HarmonicEQ®: Custom analogue EQ circuit and unique ‘saturation-core’ technology for Harmonically-enriched EQ effects.

- Versatile Operation: Carnaby HE2 supports stereo & dual-mono configurations, as well as mid-side switching for enhanced control over stereo imaging.

- Intuitive Interface: Equipped with dimmable LED rings and digital encoders, the Carnaby HE2 ensures a user-friendly and visually intuitive experience that ensures any remote control operation is reflected on the Carnaby HE2’s front panel.

- Remote Control and Recall: Utilise USB and Network control and recall via our included VST/AU/AAX plugin to seamlessly retrieve your preferred settings, recall previous settings, and control your Carnaby HE2 remotely right from your DAW providing a streamlined workflow in various studio environments.

- Per-Band Bypass: Achieve precise tonal sculpting by independently bypassing each of the 3 frequency bands, allowing you to audition and fine-tune your settings.

- Extended HF and LF shaping: Facilitating further sound-sculpting, precise HF and LF cut controls with individual bypass controls help further tame and shape your audio.

- Outboard Processing Integration: Carnaby HE2 caters to your creativity with per-channel inserts for outboard processing, empowering you to easily expand your workflow.

- Internal PSU: Carnaby HE2 features an internal switchable mains power-supply for 100 - 240V operation.

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Harmonic EQ
Solid State
Number of Bands
Rack Spaces
48 x 23,6 x 8,8 cm
6 kg


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