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Warm Audio ODD Box v1

Price1 040.00
Base price1 040.00
True Bypass
5,5 mA
10,1 x 6,3 x 3,8 cm

ODD Box V1

The Warm Audio ODD is a hard-clipping, op-amp-based overdrive inspired by an iconic pedalboard staple known for having a "cranked amp" tone.


Warm Audio ODD är baserad på en ikonisk overdrive och dist pedal som är känd för att addera "breakup" eller mycket gain till en ren signal. ODD är en mångsidig overdrive pedal som genast ger inspiration. ODD kan också switcha mellan British till American tube amp.







The Warm Audio ODD (Over Drive Disorder) is inspired by an iconic pedalboard staple with a "cranked amp" tone. Perfect for boosting, adding breakup, or adding high gain to cleans, the ODD has all the tonal versatility of its inspiration. The hard-clipping, op-amp-based circuit delivers all of the sounds of a cranked, saturated tube amp and features classic-inspired controls, including a UK/US Switch, to flip the personality of ODD from "British" to "American" tube amp. True to its inspiration, the ODD delivers the sound of massive, live electric guitar that attracted players like Billy Gibbons, Mark Hoppus, Eric Johnson, J Mascis, Paul Gilbert, and many more to that open tube amp sound.



Tech Specs

- Inspired By An Iconic Pedalboard Staple Known For Cranked-Amp Tone

- Premium Components, Including A TLO82CP Op-Amp, 2N7000 Transistors, & Hand-Selected Capacitors & Resistors

- Controls: Volume, Drive, Tone, & UK/US Switch

- Through-Hole Construction

- True-Bypass Switching

- 9-Volt Battery Or External 9-18V Regulated DC Adapter (center-negative)

- Current Draw: 5.5 mA (9V) / 6.5 mA (18V)

- Custom-Folded Steel Enclosure With A Durable Powder-Coated Finish

- 1/4" Input And Output Jacks

- Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.5" x 1.5"

- Weight: 0.85 lb