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Dexibell VIVO S7 PRO M

Pris24 990.00
Grundpris24 990.00


Stagepiano med 88 tangenter och inbyggda högtalare.





The VIVO S7 PRO & S7 PRO M are the perfect solution for any kind of live performances.


The whole DEXIBELL technology and sound quality in two keyboards models with an extraordinary ratio among weight, flexibility and features. The VIVO S7 PRO M is the S7 PRO version with built-in speaker that, thanks to a lighter keybed, is solving all the needs of those who want to be indipendent from external speaker system.


VIVO S7 PRO is the new, superior quality, professional keyboard offering the legendary quality acoustic and electric pianos currently available in the entire DEXIBELL VIVO digital piano range.


The exclusive cutting-edge DEXIBELL technology, called "True 2 Life" (or ‘T2L’ for short), used by DEXIBELL VIVO digital pianos, is part of a new revolution in musical instrument specifications thanks to:

– Unlimited Notes Polyphony.

– 24 bit and 48Khz.

– Over 15 seconds of Recorded Waves in 3D surround.

– Combination of "Sampling and Modelling" technology with unique algorithms.


With its 88 keys graded hammer action with triple contact and ivory feel, the VIVO S7 PRO offers sounds and effects designed for "Seamless transition" during patch change or memory recalls avoiding any unwanted interruption of current sound and effect.


The complete set of sounds found on the VIVO S7 PRO, with over 113 sounds (list available in the Download section) at the very highest quality possible, reach an unbelievable level of tonal pureness.


VIVO S7 PRO has a Wave Memory bank of 1.5 GB with the possibility to fully reconfigure the instrument using new sounds from the DEXIBELL library, including the incredible PLATINUM sounds, but also from standard "Sound Font" files too, which are readily available online.

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