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Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO Ultimate 6

Pris41 890.00
Grundpris41 890.00
PCI Express
8x SHARC 21369
Upp till 192kHz
Plug-in paket
95 plug-ins

UAD-2 OCTO Ultimate 6

PCIe DSP-kort med 8 st processorer. Levereras med 95 st plug-ins.


UAD-2 Satellite ger dig tillgång till världens bästa kloner av klassiska och moderna studioeffekter i Universal Audios egen tappning. Universal Audios DSP-ingenjörer samarbetar med en stadigt växande skara av klassiska tillverkare och med hjälp av deras stora kunskap, ”golden units” och erfararna öron får du tillgång till värmen av de allra bästa och mest klassiska effekterna i dina mixar.




The UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt DSP Accelerator is a sleek, powerful way for Thunderbolt-equipped Mac and Windows 10 users to “supercharge” their systems and run larger mixes filled with acclaimed UAD plug-ins. This convenient desktop unit gives you full access to UA's award-winning plug-in library, including exclusive titles from Studer, Lexicon, Neve, and more.


With improved performance and reduced plug-in latency versus FireWire, UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt makes the perfect introduction to UAD plug-ins, or ideal DSP expander for Apollo audio interfaces.



- Run UAD Powered Plug-Ins via Thunderbolt connection on Mac and Windows 10 systems

- Get a massive DSP boost for running large professional mixes

- Access over 90 plug-ins from Ampex, Lexicon, Fender, Studer, Neve, Manley, SSL, EMT, API, MXR and more

- Start mixing right away with the included Analog Classics Plus plug-in bundle

- Take UAD plug-ins “on the road” for mixing on Thunderbolt-equipped Macs or PCs

- Combine with other UAD-2 devices, including additional UAD-2 PCIe card(s) and Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo interfaces


UAD: The Industry’s Most Respected Collection of Audio Plug-Ins

From serious home recordists to multi-platinum mix engineers, UAD Powered Plug-Ins have been winning over audio professionals for more than 10 years. The reason is simple. No other plug-ins so faithfully capture the sound and behavior of classic analog equipment — from rare compressors and equalizers, to vintage reverb processors and tape machines.


The UAD library features over 90 plug-ins, co-developed with the biggest brands in audio. These plug-ins can be purchased with UAD-2 hardware from retailers as part of bundled packages, or you can buy UAD plug-ins à la carte from UA’s Online Store.


Expandable Processing Power, from QUAD to OCTO

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt is available in QUAD or OCTO models with either four or eight SHARC processors, respectively. It can also be integrated alongside UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator cards and Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo interfaces, including Apollo Twin, DUO, QUAD, and 16 for truly scalable mixing power.


Select from Core, Custom, and Ultimate 6 Software Packages

UAD-2 Core packages include the Analog Classics Plus plug-in bundle, while Custom packages include the Analog Classics Plus bundle, plus a choice of any three individual UAD plug-ins at registration. The Ultimate 6 is UA’s flagship package, and includes all 95 UA-developed plug-ins up to and including UAD software 9.4.*


UAD Plug-In Craftsmanship: The Science Behind the Scenes

In developing UAD plug-ins, UA’s engineering group undertakes a thorough physical modeling of classic audio hardware — “rebuilding” vintage analog gear in the digital world, component by component. That’s how UAD plug-ins replicate the exact, sometimes quirky, behavior of analog hardware — bringing its rich, three-dimensional sound and harmonics "in the box."


- Powerful 8 SHARC processor PCIe Card for running UAD Powered Plug-Ins on Mac and Windows PCs

- Includes “Ultimate 6” plug-in bundle, featuring 95 UA-developed plug-ins from Ampex, Lexicon, Studer, Neve, Manley, SSL, Empirical Labs, Fender, KORG, and more**

- Ideal for professional power-users running demanding projects w/ high plug-in instances and/or high sample rates

- Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, and more

- Can be combined with other UAD-2 devices, including UAD-2 PCIe cards, UAD-2 Satellite, and Apollo audio interfaces

- Connect to Thunderbolt-equipped computers via a compatible PCIe chassis* (sold separately)

- VST, AU, RTAS, AAX 64 and 64-bit DAW compatible


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