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Morley Analog Multi FX AFX-1

Pris4 690.00
Grundpris4 690.00
True Bypass

Morley AFX-1


Morley har här gjort något så coolt som en helt analog multieffekt där de packat in en Switchless Optisk wah, Dist, Chorus och Delay. Dessutom en effekt loop.

Looken och vibben är en tydlig flirt med 70-talet och den utstrålar en vintagekänsla man sällan ser.

Otroligt robust och välbyggd som allt som kommer från Morley




The Analog Multi FX is an Authentic Analog Multi Effects Pedal equipped with everything you need to get the job done on stage and in the studio. It’s got a Switchless Optical Wah, Distortion, Effects Loop, Stereo Chorus, and Echo. Even better these are reissues of classic Morley circuits leading all the back to the 1970’s. And speaking of the 70’s it also has a new finish that pays homage to the original chrome Morley pedals. It’s Heavy-Duty spun stainless steel that’s Built like a Tank and looks great under stage lights. Each one is hand spun at our Illinois facility.


All Analog Multi Effect with Wah, 2-Channel Distortion and Stereo Chorus & Echo


Reissued Circuitry of Vintage Morley Effects; 2000’s Wah, 1990’s Distortion, 1980’s Chorus and 1970’s Echo


Spun Stainless Steel Finish that pays homage to the famed chrome Morley finish of the 1970’s


Switchless Wah activation, simply step on to activate and step off to bypass


Our acclaimed Optical Wah circuitry that won’t wear out


Distortion has High, Mid and Low Frequency control. Pre and Post Gain Control and a Hi Gain Switchable option


Chorus has Rate and Depth control and sounds massive in stereo


Echo has Delay Time (Echo), Repeats (Repeat) and Mix controls. When used in Stereo produces massive Echo


FX Loop is positioned between Distortion and Chorus Circuitry


Premium Buffer circuit that prevents signal loss and maintains tone


12″ x 6.85″ x 2.75″ (L x W x H)

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